It has been be a long time since Soriko made a game. Today, we are launching Puzzlecards!

Puzzlecards is a game which neatly marries solitaire and puzzles. All the fun/challenges/frustration happens on this board:

There are a total of 13 cards, which all increase by 1 when you merge them. That means A and A becomes 2. 5 and 5 get you to 6, and so on. Your goal is to merge two Kings (#13), and that’s a real challenge. Seriously.

Pricing Puzzlecards was a difficult decision. After seriously considering the paid route, we landed at free with IAP. That means ads, too. The optional In-app purchase removes adverts and unlocks the features night mode and pick a card. I know nobody really likes these ads, so it has been carefully implemented.

  • You will not get ads on first launch
  • On regular launches you have 1/3 chance for requesting an ad
  • If you purchase the full version, ads will not be requested at all
  • Ads are only shown once in a session. Returning from multitasking will not request ads, but a new launch could


The feedback during the testing has been great. I want say thank you to all beta testers. If you have feedback, please get in touch! Also, tag your photos and posts with #puzzlecards so we can see them!

I hope you will find Puzzlecards fun and challenging.


Download (Free)

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