Soriko Radio has received huge updates across the board. You will need to update your app to continue receive content.


Starting 24 hours after the release of Soriko Radio 4.0, the app is going paid again. Don’t worry! If you’re using the App Store version, you already own it! You can just keep on enjoying the new and improved app. Just make sure it’s updated.

However users of the direct download version will need to take action. Download Soriko Radio on the App Store now to get it for free.

Update: Soriko Radio on OS X is now a paid app. For previous direct download users, there are a limited number of promo codes available. These codes lets you download it for free.

Contact Soriko to request a promo code or visit the App Store ($2.99)

This was a difficult decision. I want to keep improving Soriko Radio on all platforms, but it takes a lot of time. On the bright side, there are no ads anymore! For any feedback, please get in touch.


Simply update the app in the App Store! This happens automatically on most devices.

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